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'Heads,' or Tales from the Summer of Love

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Set in the counter-cultural generation backdrop of 1966-1967, Heads, or Tales from the Summer of Love chronicles the struggles and sometimes funny situations of Reuben, a 16-year-old, whose life, after moving to Portland, Oregon, in the summer of 1966 with his mother, sister and two brothers, is almost perfect. As school starts, he is actively playing on the Cleveland High School’s football team, he has a girlfriend, he is doing well in all his studies, he is popular with everyone, and for the first time in his life, Reuben has his own bedroom. But for Reuben, the good times come to a sudden halt when his mother unexpectedly reconciles with her estranged husband, Senior. Soon, they are all heading to the Los Angeles area into a house in suburbia Glendora, where Reuben struggles to adjust to the move. This is made all the worse as, shortly after they arrive, Reuben and his brother Chad have run-ins with their stepfather, Senior, who grows less tolerant of Reuben and Chad, thrusting punishments and restrictions on them that last into the summer. As things at home get progressively worse, Reuben, through a set of mistakes and misunderstandings, runs into an assortment of problematic circumstances that inevitably finds him homeless in Glendora for the entire summer of 1967. Heads, or Tales from the Summer of Love is an eclectic collection of intertwined stories that follows the varied paths and episodes of Reuben and his friends.  Click here to order
The winter of 1962-63 in Iron Mountain, Michigan, sees a record 159 inches of snow and the winter is in the top 25 coldest years in the past 116 years; so cold that Lake Michigan freezes over. To make matters worse, Fisher’s mother has problems with her husband, Fisher’s stepfather, Senior, who has issues with alcohol and stress-anger management. In February of 1963, thirteen-year-old Fisher Bean, along with his mother, two brothers, Nicky and Luke, and his little sister Rachel, all get on a bus to run away to the west coast. This story begins with the bus trip to Portland, Oregon, and their move into Grandma Scarbrough’s house. As Fisher and Chad attempt to make friends with the kids in his new neighborhood and to fit into their new surroundings, Fisher discovers that finding good kids to be friends is not as easy as it would seem. He gets involved with the wrong crowd and gets in trouble. His grandmother seems to continually find fault with him, and his brother Chad has problems with bullies at school. After making many adjustments, and in spite of Fisher’s hopes to continue his trail to become an Eagle Scout with the Boy Scouts of America, he runs into more problems that lead him down an unexpected path. This is a coming-of-age story about a boy who strives to fit in, but at the same time, loves Scouting and is reminded of its principals and ideals. In his process of trying to make friends and within his search to figure out who and what he is, he finds instead, others that will seek him out and choose him to be the good friend that they need.   Click here to order

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